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Do Drones create or fight terrorism?

This episode covers:

How effective is the Military's Drone Policy?

Does this create more terrorism or is it our best option?

Where are we using drones now?

Immigration & Donald Trump's Wall

This episode covers:

Donald Trump's Immigration Policy

Border Security

Should illegal immigrant parents be separated from their American-born children?


Are GMOs Bad?

This episode covers:

What are GMOs?

Do food labels currently lie?

Are Genetically Modified Foods bad?

How were GMOs proven safe?



Did Health care Reform Work?


This episode covers:

Pros and Cons of Health care Reform

Obamacare's Website

Capitalism vs Single Payer Health care systems

The Truth about Gun Control

This episode covers:

The arguments for and against Concealed Carry

Does the Constitution apply to automatic weapons?

Obama's new ban on internet gun speech


Immigration Part 2 (Unlisted)

This episode covers:

Arizona's SB1070 ID Card Law

Barrack Obama's Immigration Amnesty

Anchor Babies



Social Media


Immigration Part 2 is unlisted!


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